Technically it still exists, but don't expect a tour.


The sprawling ranch-style home at 6151 Richmond Street in Miami was as essential to The Golden Girls as Blanche's love interests and Dorothy's sarcastic quips. Throughout the beloved 80s sitcom's seven seasons, all four women would frequently gather in Blanche's kitchen as their lives played out under one roof.

But what if we told you that 6151 Richmond Street doesn't exist in Miami? According to House Beautiful, exterior shots of Blanche's house for Season 1 of The Golden Girls were actually filmed at 245 North Saltair Avenue in Los Angeles. The 2,901-square-foot private residence still stands today, and has an estimated value of $3.5 million.

Beginning with Season 2 however, filming of exterior shots of Blanche's house took place at Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios in Orlando. A replica of the Brentwood home's façade was built on Disney's "Residential Street." But in 2003, the entire street, along with The Golden Girls, house was demolished to space for new projects.

While you are free to drive by the Los Angeles home and even stop to take a few photos, please keep in mind that it's a private residence.