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The Crown Season 3
Credit: Netflix

If you're anything like us, you contentedly devoted some of the winter holiday season to streaming season 3 of The Crown on Netflix. Now that we've made it through all ten of the stellar episodes, we're left to wonder: When will season 4 of The Crown debut?

Well, we're happy to report, it looks like we'll see season 4 of the award-winning series arrive later this year. In a November 2019 interview with Harper's Bazaar, Josh O'Connor—who plays Prince Charles in season 3 and 4 of the series—reveals some promising intel on when we may expect the upcoming season to premiere: "We’re well into [filming] now. We’ve got many months left, they’ve got a few episodes in, so it’s really exciting. And I think it will be the best yet, actually. I’m really looking forward to finishing that and then getting to share it sometime in 2020, I guess," he tells the outlet.

It's worth noting that seasons 1, 2, and 3 of The Crown arrived on Netflix in November or December, so an earlier air date would be breaking previous patterns. Us Anglophiles can hope, though. In the time being, if you'd like to get an extra fix of The Crown, you can listen to the show's official Podcast here.  Or, opt for some quality time with a good read, check out the show's official companion books, volume 1 and volume 2. For a fascinating documentary series about the British royals, you can also stream The Royal House of Windsor.

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Between the moving depiction of the tragic Aberfan coal mining disaster in Wales to the captivating portrayal of Princess Margaret as Helena Bonham Carter, season 3 of the show definitely made a lasting impression. Even if we now have to wait a bit to catch up with the fascinating family for the next season, we know it will be worth the wait.

What was your favorite episode in season 3 of The Crown?