Who's excited for the third season?

Sure, you can watch The Last Czars. Or you can brush up on royal family documentaries. Or you can read a trove of books on the House of Windsor.

But let's not kid ourselves, we're still eagerly awaiting any news of Season three of The Crown. While no official announcement has been made yet — Dear Netflix, please hurry — a little birdie may have just let the cat out of the bag.

As The Independent originally recapped, actor Tobias Menzies who plays Prince Phillip on the upcoming season let it slip to Jo Good on her BBC radio show when season three will debut.

"So we've shot season three and that starts in November. I do know some of the secrets which I probably can't say anything about, but we are very excited to show it to people," Menzies said.

While Netflix is yet to confirm Menzies' statement we're going to hope an actor on the set would have the proper scoop on when the next season will start. As a precautionary measure, we think we'll go ahead and reserve the remote control for the entire month of November.