A clever professional photographer in Texas found an ingenious way to host a bridal party photo shoot while maintaining a safe social distance.
Social Distancing Wedding Photoshoot
Credit: Elyssa Seibel/A Joy Story Photography

After seeing a bored friend’s “fancy wine night” where she donned a wedding dress and snapped a selfie, dubbing it “Wedding Dress Wednesday”, Elyssa Seibel got an idea, Good Morning America reports.

Seibel, who owns and runs A Joy Story Photography in Austin, Texas, decided to have a little fun with her friends and put on a show for her self-isolated neighbors, too. She convinced five of her friends —Jamie Egloff, Bryce Ellerbroek, Shannon Thomas, Nina Wagner and Jaime Sladek— to meet outside, stay at least six feet apart, and take part in a portrait session, all while wearing their wedding dresses.

Seibel and her friends met outside in their Georgetown neighborhood. She posed the women in their bridal gowns at a safe distance from each other, popped champagne, and got them to ridescooters down the street. It was fun for the friends who had missed their weekly hangouts during the global health crisis and a good show for the neighbors, too.

Seibel shared the socially-distanced photos of the “wedding dress Wednesday” portrait session on her company’s Facebook and Instagram pages and they quickly went viral. Turns out the world is looking for ways to take their mind off the stress of a pandemic.

“We were hoping to make ourselves and our neighbors laugh – but we are really glad that we have brought smiles to so many people this week!” Seibel told Fox News about the light-hearted photo shoot.

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Seibel’s clever photo shoot is a reminder to brides around the world that there are some safe ways to celebrate, though. That said, as much as weddings are milestones, they aren’t worth risking the health of the mother or father of the bride, let alone grandparents or beloved family members or even the bride and groom themselves.