Meet the high school junior being hailed a hero.

By Meghan Overdeep
January 23, 2018
Fallen Popcorn on Movie Theater Floor
Credit: Mark Webster/Getty Images

It was a Saturday night, and Corey Brennan assumed that he was in for another uneventful box office shift at the Regal Cinemas in Tomball, Texas.

"It was slower than usual but very chaotic," Brennan, 18, recalled to KPRC.

But that all changed when he heard a coworker scream. "I heard one of the employees start screaming ‘We need to call 911. He's not responding,'" the Tomball High School junior said.

A customer had stopped breathing while sitting with his family in the restaurant area of the theater. Luckily Brennan knew CPR, and he immediately began to perform it on the man while his panicked family looked on.

"You never know when CPR might need to be administered," Brennan told the local news station. "(I) started chest compressions, and by that time EMS was called and they were on the way."

Eventually, the man started to breathe. Brennan, it turns out, had brought him back.

"I'm looking into going into EMT/firefighting after I get out of high school," he noted. "I'm a junior firefighter with Tomball Fire Department and I'm also an athletic trainer for Tomball High School as well."

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Brennan, who didn't know the man whose life he saved, told KPRC that he had a message for the stranger: "Come visit, please."