The cutest playdate we ever did see.

In uncertain times like these amidst the coronavirus pandemic, we're lucky that the Internet has provided us with more than a few ways to brighten our mood. We've got Ree Drummond walking us through how to make five-minute chocolate mug cake. We have gardens throughout the South giving us delightful virtual tours. And we've enjoyed livestreaming sunsets from Naples, Florida, to name a few digital experiences we've savored in recent weeks.

Now, we're grateful that distraction and a much-needed laugh is coming from the Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi, Texas, courtesy of an adorable video of a sloth meeting two dolphins. The video, which was filmed last month depicts Chico, their three-and-a-half-year-old male Linnaeus’s two-toed sloth, meeting two dolphins, Liko and Schooner, per Insider. Though the aquarium is closed to the public, the video clip alone is certainly enough to teleport us to a more peaceful and lighthearted state of mind.

"As a bit of a local celebrity, Chico can't tour the Aquarium on most days without being mobbed by his adoring fans. But with our temporary closing, our sleepy sloth Chico was treated to an eye-opening adventure through our Gulf of Mexico exhibits!" the Texas State Aquarium's Facebook post reads of Chico's field trip.

According to an aquarium representative, this outing was done as a form of enrichment for the animals, which "encouraged Chico, and the animals he encountered like the dolphins, to be active in body and mind and keep them physically and psychologically healthy." It appears the animals also had a bit of fun along the way—on Chico's visit to the dolphins, one even flipped over to mimic the sloth's go-to position of hanging upside down from a tree branch.

Texas State Aquarium Sloth and Dolphin
Credit: Texas State Aquarium

We could definitely go on watching this video all day long on repeat. Could the aquarium be so kind as to shoot us a feature film?