For more than three decades, Marcos Perez has paid it forward with the gift of life.

Texas Postman
Credit: KENS-TV

You may show your gratitude for your postman during the holiday season. Or even when he or she goes above and beyond to ensure an important package stays out of the rain. But this Texas postman deserves a standing ovation from us all.

For the past 34 years, Marcos Perez has carved out two hours from his busy schedule twice a month to donate blood. He donates his platelets at the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center, which has seven locations in and around San Antonio. Perez was inspired to pay it forward since he was born prematurely and needed a blood transfusion himself.

Now, he's the fourth person in South Texas to hit the 100-gallon mark for donations. From cancer patients to car accident victims, Perez's generosity has helped thousands of lives.

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"If you make time to go eat, you make time to go to the movies, you can make time to come donate," Perez said in an interview with KENS-TV. "Just make some time. Give from the heart. That's what it takes. You gotta give from the heart."