These kind neighbors show that Southerners always have each other's backs.
West Bexar County house fire
Credit: Getty / Jsmes Hall / EyeEm

Thanks to some quick thinking and heroic acts, one Texas household can hold onto their family dog a little tighter this week.

On the morning of Tuesday, August 15th, in the greater San Antonio area of West Bexar County, resident Kevin Hayes noticed his next door neighbor's home was on fire. He knocked on the door to alert his neighbor Nakenya Portela-Bailey. Unaware of the fire, Portela-Bailey, along with her three kids and two dogs were thankfully able to exit safely.

Shortly thereafter, Hayes and another neighbor, Julian Felan, saw that the home next to Portela-Bailey's house was also ablaze. Felan, who was previously a firefighter in the army, rang the video doorbell at Sylvia and Eliseo Farias' house to see if anyone was home. When Eliseo wasn't home but answered remotely, Felan informed him that his house was on fire.

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Luckily, no one was home, but Eliseo asked Felan and Hayes to rescue their dog from the flames, if they could. Felan knocked down the door and alongside Hayes, the two brave men scrambled through the smoky interior to come to the dog's aid.

"I know how they feel about their dog," Hayes said to San Antonio Express-News. "It's like their kid. I'm a pet lover too, and my dog is part of the family." As soon as they found the dog in his cage tucked away in the back of the home, the men were able to free the dog and usher him outside of the burning structure.

"This is a real tight knit community," Portela-Bailey commented in the same story. "We look out for each other."