50 years ago, Donna Pavey gave up a child for adoption. This week, she finally met the daughter she was forced to give up and it was a heartwarming reunion. Grab a tissue before you read on!
Mother Reunited with daughter in Texas
Credit: KVUE

Pavey was a young woman when she found out she was going to be a mother, and her parents made her give up the child for adoption. Pavey grew up, got married, and had three other children, but never stopped thinking about the little girl she gave up. "Every day I've prayed for her, and her birthday would come and go," Pavey told Austin news channel KVUE. "I wanted her with me, and I prayed that she would have a good mother and father."

Pavey searched for the girl for years, to no avail. Then, just last week her long-lost daughter reached out to her via Facebook. Turns out the woman, Sharon Glidden, now 52, had no idea she was adopted until just a few days earlier. As soon as she heard the news, Glidden went hunting for her birth parents. After a DNA test, she eventually found Pavey and reached out.

After chatting online and on the phone, the two decided to meet in person. Glidden drove down to Texas from Oklahoma and after five decades Pavey was finally able to hug her daughter tight. "I knew I would see her in heaven, but I never dreamed this day would come," Pavey says in a video of the reunion. "I'm finally breathing a little."

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For Glidden, meeting her mother and her half-sisters felt like a homecoming. "I'm so happy that I finally fit somewhere," she says. Now, Glidden and Pavey are making plans for a future, together. "I never want to let her go," Glidden says.