Now isn't that sweet?

Kory Close has seen a lot from behind the counter at his Fort Worth, Texas ice cream shop, Sweet Sammies. But even he says that he never could have predicted what transpired there over the weekend.

"We've never had anything like it," he recalls to USA Today. "I've heard of maybe someone picks up a round of drinks somewhere, but $1,300 worth of ice cream?"

On Saturday, Close says a stranger—who he calls "Mr. Gary"—walked into the store and put down a credit card.

"He walked in at 7pm and started buying dessert. He said he would stop at some point, and never did—from 7pm to 10pm," says Close.

The mystery man ended up paying for almost $1,000 worth of cookies and ice cream for customers, and then added a $300 tip for the staff. In the end, Mr. Gary racked up a seven-foot receipt.

"It was awesome. A real feel-good feeling for everyone that was here," he tells USA Today.

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Although Close says he had never met Mr. Gary before, the man indicated that someone at the store had helped him with a parking validation a few weeks prior to his charitable ice cream spree.

Close says they plan to frame the gigantic receipt and hang it on the wall as a memento.