From tiaras to football helmets, Claire Jeffress can't stop winning.

By Meghan Overdeep
October 23, 2017
Claire Jeffress Homecoming Queen
Credit: Dawson High School

Claire Jeffress isn't like most homecoming queens.

Just one week after she earned her crown, the Dawson High School senior from Pearland, Texas, was back to winning again—except this time she traded in her tiara for a football helmet.

On Friday night, Jeffres, Dawson Eagles' star kicker, made national headlines when she scored a game-winning 30-yard field goal against their rivals, Pearland High. With just 1:08 left on the clock, she sent the ball sailing to provide the Eagles with a 38-35 win.

"I just wanted to do what I've always done and not think of it as any big deal," Jeffress told the Houston Chronicle of her game-deciding kick. "My team had faith in me, and they were going to block for me, and the snap and the hold were going to be good, so I just had to do my job."

And it's a job she's good at. According to the Chronicle, Jeffress has been rock-solid on all five of her PAT kicks this season. Just two weeks ago, she nailed a 25-yard extra-points kick that propelled the Eagles to a win over George Ranch High School. Friday night's game marked the Eagles' third District 23-6A victory without a loss, in large part due to Jeffress.

"Claire is something—she just doesn't get rattled. There wasn't even a question that she was going to kick it," Eagle head coach Eric Wells told the Chronicle. "Homecoming queen knocks it through, Dawson wins. You have to love that."

Jeffress, who also plays soccer on Dawson's women's varsity team, started kicking for her school's football team in the seventh grade.

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"It means everything that I was able to support my team the way they have supported me," Jeffress told the Chronicle. "From the players to the coaches to the school, everybody has completely supported me through my entire journey to my senior year. I'm so glad I could experience this one tonight."

You go, girl!