Neydi and Carlos Romero are committed to sharing the love.

Neydi and Carlos Romero of Bedford, Texas, have the most incredible way of celebrating their wedding anniversary. For the past three years, the couple has marked the milestone by adopting a dog from a local shelter. And it's a tradition, Neydi told Buzzfeed News, that came about by accident.

"For our first anniversary Carlos brought in Captain without telling me," Neydi recalled to Buzzfeed. "Then for the second anniversary, we brought in Teddy. Me and Carlos were talking about how we get a dog every single year and we were talking about continuing with the tradition."

But it wasn't all talk. They just recently celebrated their third wedding anniversary by adopting Chewy. "I didn't want the last one," Neydi admitted to Buzzfeed, but added that she had a change of heart when she saw the conditions of his shelter. "He wasn't very safe, so we decided to bring him in."

The couple's story recently went viral after Neydi's sister Odalis tweeted about the sweet tradition. "My brother in law and sister get a dog every year for their wedding anniversary, they're on their 3rd year," she wrote alongside photos of the Romeros' growing pack.

Neydi told Buzzfeed that their unique form of celebration is a result of not being allowed to own a dog as a child. "We've always liked dogs, but my mom never let me have them," she explained. "As soon as I moved out and started my new life with Carlos, we knew we wanted a dog."

But they're also realistic. As much as they'd like to turn their house into a rescue foundation, they've agreed to stop bringing new pups home after anniversary number five. " If we keep going, it's going to be pretty wild," she told Buzzfeed. "In a perfect world we would be getting dogs every year ... but it's the real world."