He proves that to be the best brother, all you need is love.

By Meghan Overdeep
September 07, 2017

Camden doesn't need all his limbs to be the best big brother to his younger siblings.

The three-year-old boy from Denton, Texas was born without hands or legs due to a rare combination of two birth defects: Phocomelia Syndrome (which results in shortened or absent arms) and Amelia (a defect where the child is born without one or more limbs). Not that it slows him down one bit...

Camden's mom Katie Whiddon, who just gave birth to her third child (a boy named Jaxton) documents the family's heartwarming adventures on her blog, Admirably Diverse. Recently she posted a video of Camden helping Jaxton with his pacifier that's been getting a lot of well-deserved attention.

"I think it's funny that the video is getting so much attention," Katie recently told Buzzfeed. "I shared this video thinking that just some friends and family would think it was sweet. He takes care of Jaxton all of the time, so this is just a normal thing for us. When the video started getting in the millions we couldn't help but laugh because it was the most simple video to us."

"Camden also helps me out with wiping Jaxton's mouth and patting his butt when he needs to be soothed. Camden took care of Ryleigh the same way when she was a baby," she added.

"Camden is one of the happiest kids I know!" Katie said. "If Camden can be so positive about his appearance and so determined about everything he does at such a young age despite all the 'challenges' everyone thinks he has, then I don't see why anyone should feel sad for him. Camden is a brilliant and incredible kid and if everyone would take the time to give him a chance, then they would see just that."

You can follow the Whiddons on Katie's blog, Facebook and Instagram.