Video of Texas A&M Kicker's Family Watching His Game-Winning Field Goal Will Give You All the Feels

Watch Seth Small’s family ride a rollercoaster of emotions as the Aggies upset Alabama.

It was a moment that made college football history, but after Texas A&M's Seth Small kicked a 28-yard field goal to defeat Alabama on Sunday, it's his family that's making headlines.

While the rest of America was watching the senior's attempt to end a tied game with just two seconds on the clock, Cameron Worthy, a photographer and videographer for Texas A&M's 12th Man Productions, had her camera trained on his family in the stands.

In the clip (below) that now has millions of views, Seth's wife Rachel Small can be seen holding hands with her mother-in-law, Jennie Ann Small, and her dad, Michael House. Behind them are Seth's 13-year-old twin sisters, Isabella and Emma, and his dad Rick.

"You got it! You got it babe!" Rachel, 21, screams from the stands as Jennie Ann prays quietly.

As the kick goes through and the crowd erupts, Seth's mother begins to cry without even opening her eyes. Overcome with emotion, Rachel leaps out of her seat and onto the field to celebrate with her husband.

"I don't even remember my thought process. I go from sobbing to literally just hurdling the wall," Rachel told Today. "I ran around the field looking for him, but there were 20,000 other people down there with me and I got caught in that. When I finally found him, I jumped into his arms."

With Seth's kick, Texas A&M the first unranked team to beat the Alabama Crimson Tide in 14 years.

Alabama v Texas A&M Seth Small
Bob Levey/Getty Images

In a post-game press-conference, Seth ranked the kick as one of the best moments in his life.

"It was probably the third best moment of my life, right after I accepted Jesus into my heart as my true Lord and Savior, and then after getting married to my wife this summer," the 21-year-old said. "I'd rank this one three."

Congrats to the entire Aggies family!

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