Papa John should be very proud.

Papa John's Pizza
Credit: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg/Getty Images

An 18-year old Tennessee teen just got into Yale University with an essay dedicated to her love of ordering Papa John's pizza.

Carolina Williams of Brentwood, TN., wrote about her love of the "cheesy, circular glory" that "smells like celebration" "tastes like comfort" and "looks like self-sufficiency" on her application to the Ivy League school and was thrilled when she was accepted.

Of course, one doesn't get into Yale based on a well-written ode to pizza alone. Williams graduated in the top 10 of her graduating class with a high GPA earned in advanced courses at Ravenwood High School, according to The Tennessean. In addition to her classes, she was active in her church, volunteered at her local library, and was involved with both Model United Nations and Youth in Government. Her application also included a more education-oriented essay about her journey to read 100 books in a year in addition to her school workload.

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Despite her many activities, her favorite thing to do is order pizza, so when the Yale application asked her to write a short essay about what she loves to do, Papa John's immediately came to mind. "Honestly, I thought I should go with the first thing that popped in my head," Williams told The Tennessean. "It was completely genuine."

The bold move worked, and she got in to the prestigious institution. A Yale admission officer wrote Williams a special note on her acceptance letter, noting their shared love of pizza that made the admissions board laugh out loud—and then order pizza.

Williams also tweeted the good news to Papa John's:

While Yale wrote that they would be lucky to have her as a student, Williams — who is the first in her family to go to college —turned down the Ivy League offer. She will instead stay a little closer to home and attend Auburn University in Alabama to major in business. Plus, they have a Papa John's on campus.