Tennessee Wildlife Officials Called to Help Bald Eagle Determine It Was Simply "Too Full to Fly"

We know the feeling.

Walking Bald Eagle
Photo: KenCanning/Getty Images

Even high-flying symbols of strength and democracy can fall victim to gluttony.

In a Facebook post Wednesday, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency recounted an incident in November when wildlife officers were called to the aid of an "injured" bald eagle in Bulls Gap.

"They found the eagle in the woods near a road with no apparent injuries and very mobile," the now-viral post (below) recalls. "The officers caught the bird to inspect it and decided it had gorged itself on a meal and was temporarily unable to create enough lift to fly."

Too full to fly! That's like the bird version of a needing to take a post-Thanksgiving nap. Let's hope nobody calls a rescue team on us next year!

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The Facebook post went on to explain how this is actually a common occurrence among many raptor species. Rescuers did not comment on whether or not this particular eagle had gotten to the point of unbuttoning his jeans, but we like to think he did.

After monitoring the 24-year-old bird for a while, experts relocated him to a nearby Wildlife Management Area.

Hopefully this ravenous raptor learned his lesson and has been laying off the dessert!

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