"You were such a big boy when I was gone. I'm so proud of you," dad Rob Cesternino tells his son Luca.

Be still, our bursting hearts.

Earlier this week News 4 in Nashville, Tennessee documented the sweetest reunion between father and son.

Staff Sergeant Rob Cesternino, a father of six serving with the Tennessee National Guard had been deployed in the Middle East since May 2018. When he returned home, Cesternino and his wife knew they wanted to plan something special for their youngest child, Luca.

It was time to get a bit creative and drum up a surprise for the nine-year-old boy. The venue they settled upon for the big reunion? Luca's Monday night Taekwondo class in Lebanon, Tennessee. "Luca's instructors told him he'd be sparing three instructors blindfolded. While he was sparing the final instructor, Cesternino jumped in. Luca continued having no idea he was actually punching his dad," writes Kim St. Onge for News 4.

You can see more of their sweet coming together on News 4's website here. (If you're already teary-eyed, may we suggest this video of a soldier reuniting with his daughter, too)

What an incredible Taekwondo match to witness. We're wishing the Cesternino family a happy and healthy spring, together once again.