We wish our local pools had this smart (and free!) offering.
sunscreen dispensers
Credit: Getty Images / JOHANNES EISELE / Staff

Summer is in full swing and the scorching sun serves as a constant reminder: Slather on that sunscreen generously, y'all!

Yet, on lazy pool days it can be easy to forget this super important move. Or how many times have you realized you left the SPF at home and figured skipping application for one measly day can't hurt? Unfortunately, melanoma is one of the most common invasive cancers. In addition to avoiding tanning beds, regularly applying sunscreen helps reduce your risk of developing skin cancer associated with the sun's ultraviolet rays.

Now, one savvy Missouri teen is fighting to help her local community stay protected at her local public pools. Hailing from Clayton, Missouri, 16-year-old Lynly Brennan has added sunscreen dispensers with free sunscreen at three community pools using $1,600 she's raised for the cause.

Inspired by a school project that taught her the danger of tanning beds, Brennan told Upworthy in a recent interview, "I realized how common skin cancer is and how easily preventable it is." Mobilizing her peers and community, she was able to raise enough money to order the sunscreen dispensers through IMPACT Melanoma and BrightGuard, which creates the free-standing equipment.

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What's up next for the ambitious teen? She's eager to look into adding more dispensers to other local pools. Kudos to this thoughtful high schooler and her potentially life-saving project! Oh, and one friendly reminder before we go: If your local pool—or wherever your outdoor activities may take you—doesn't have this genius innovation, be sure to bring sunscreen and apply it regularly. Your Southern skin will thank you!