The majority of parents want a "digital detox" this holiday season.
Family on Phones During Christmas Dinner
Credit: Westend61/Getty Images

Forget socks and ties, this Christmas, all parents want is to be able to put their phones down and enjoy their families.

According to a recent survey, 80% of parents revealed they want a “digital detox” this holiday season. That means no phones, no tablets, and no computers—just time to focus on living in the moment with the people they love.

The new study, conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Groupon, found that 86% of parents have had their child complain that they spend too much time on their phone. And, more than half of those surveyed (53%) say they’ve missed out on an activity or bonding experience with their child because they were preoccupied with a phone or other device.

The holidays, it seems, are a rife with digital indulgence. More than half (51%) of parents said they check social media more frequently during the holidays and 43% said they spend more time on their phone on Christmas Day than any other day. In addition, the average parent will spend four hours a day on their devices during the holiday season—amounting to a total of 80 hours in a single holiday season.

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“Given some of the staggering stats that we found from speaking to parents, it comes as no surprise that eight in 10 are looking to take a break from their devices during the holidays,” Groupon’s Head of Experiences, Brian Fields, said in a news release. “While devices are critical tools that we use for managing our lives and buying gifts for everyone on our list, it’s also important for parents to set aside some time over the next few weeks to make and cherish memories with their children.”

We couldn’t agree more.