"My husband has officially ruined our son."

Baby Aggies Fight Song
Credit: Facebook/Taylor Carpio

Noah Carpio isn't even old enough to speak, but the young Houston resident has already chosen his college football team.

In a hilarious video mom Taylor shared to Facebook this week, little Noah appears calm as the University of Houston fight song, "Cougar Fight Song," plays from her phone. Sitting in his car seat, he seems almost soothed by the tune.

But everything changes when she begins to play the Texas A&M fight song, "Aggie War Hymn." Noah throws a fit the moment the instrumental song begins.

As for the source of Noah's strong allegiance, Taylor explained to ABC13, that her husband Chris got him accustomed to the UH fight song by playing it whenever they were in the car to calm him down.

"My husband has officially ruined our son," she wrote on Facebook.

In case you didn't already put it together, Taylor comes from a huge Texas A&M family.

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We can't wait to see where this passionate guy goes to college one day!