Gotta get that perfect shot for the 'Gram!

Burkhalter Family Christmas
Credit: Libbfit/Instagram

Friends and family from near and far all gather together for the holidays. It's a time for good food, decking the halls, reminiscing over days gone by, and of course, creating some new memories. And these days, it's second nature to capture these memories on social media.

That's exactly what Taylor Burkhalter thought he was doing when he posted some fun photos of his parents on Christmas Eve. Only the funny moment he was sharing with friends turned into a viral hit overnight!

Burkhalter, who works for a marketing firm in Fayetteville, Arkansas, is home visiting his parents in Shreveport, Louisiana. He captured this loving moment between his parents and had a little fun in the description.

Southern Living spoke to Taylor's mom Libby about their viral family photo. While Libby uses social media for her personal training and health coach business, she said that none of them expected the response that they received. "This all started as Christmas fun, being silly with no expectations! My son has an awesome sense of humor."

Libby also shared with us that while her husband was mucking it up for the camera and giving us his best "disgruntled" look, he was also having a blast. "My husband is a great sport and always helpful! We've been married 33 years. We enjoy having fun with our kids!"

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With nearly 300,000 retweets and counting, it's clear that their Christmas fun has been enjoyed by the masses. Since the post did garner such attention, Libby hopes to have conveyed some positive lessons.

"I think the best take away is to just be your authentic self. Have fun making memories with your family and friends and be you! Don't take yourself too seriously," she said.

Check out the final product of the Burkhalter family photo shoot below.