Do you know about the Target markdown schedule?

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
March 20, 2019
Target Store Exterior
Credit: Juan Camilo Bernal/Getty Images

Heading on a Target run? You might want to plan your visit based on Target's markdown schedule.

According to the independently run All Things Target website, following the so-called "Target Markdown Schedule" can help you keep more cash in your wallet. "One of the best ways to get a great deal at Target is to shop their clearance section for deals. By following this handy Target Markdown Schedule you can learn exactly which departments Target marks down each day of the week," a blog post on the topic reads, noting that the schedule may vary from store to store.

"Each week Target marks down items in certain departments, in most cases the first markdown will be 30% off. If something is marked down one week, generally, in two weeks or so it will get marked down to 50% off, then a couple weeks later it will finally get marked down to 70% off," the post continues. Is your closet sighing with glee yet? Ours too. According to All Things Target, here's how to plan your trips around product markdowns by department:

  • Monday: Electronics, Accessories, Kids Clothing, Books, Baby, and Stationery
  • Tuesday: Domestics, Women's Clothing, Pets, and Market (food items)
  • Wednesday: Men's Clothing, Health and Beauty, Diapers, Lawn and Garden, and Furniture
  • Thursday: Housewares, Lingerie, Shoes, Toys, Sporting Goods, Decor, and Luggage
  • Friday: Auto, Cosmetics, Hardware, and Jewelry

Well, guess that settles it, we pretty much will need to split our Target shopping over all five weekdays. Read the full blog post on All Things Target here.

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The real question is, when does Chip and Joanna Gaines' Hearth & Hand with Magnolia collection go on sale? We'll be planning our trips accordingly.

What's your favorite way to shop savvily at Target?