This very good boy certainly knows what he likes!

By Meghan Overdeep
April 23, 2018
Southern Living Tank Pit Bull Singing
Credit: Instagram/@tank_the_bully_official

Tank, a handsome pit bull from Texas, has very particular taste in music. He gives all kinds of tunes a try, but nothing compares to his favorite country hit: Chris Stapleton's 2015 remake of "Tennessee Whiskey."

Tank's owner, Brin Morris, often shares videos of him singing along to "Tennessee Whiskey" on social media and we can't get over his commitment to perfecting his craft. He even hits the high notes!

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In the Instagram video below, Brin tries to tempt him with a track from hip-hop sensation Cardi B, but Tank doesn't feel compelled to start howling until the moment he hears Stapleton's guitar. Another video, from Facebook, shows Tank casting aside a bone to sing along. This very good boy certainly knows what he likes!

Now all we need is for Tank to team up with our other "Tennessee Whiskey" fan, and fellow-Texan Kris Jones. In the meantime, can somebody please get him a record deal?