Because every kid deserves an Easter egg hunt!

By Meghan Overdeep
March 07, 2018
Southern Living Tampa Bay Bomb Squad Easter Eggs
| Credit: Tampa Bay Police Department

Santa Claus has elves, and the Easter Bunny has… a bomb squad?

Members of the Tampa Bay area bomb squad joined forces earlier this week to make Easter eggs for the visually impaired. Officers took a break from their normal duties to assemble beeping eggs so blind children could participate in Easter egg hunts with their peers this year.

"A basic switch, a little beeper or buzzer and then a nine volt battery and it's just a basic circuit that we sauter together and we build into the eggs," one bomb squad member told WFLA.

"This gives these children the ability to [go] out and hunt Easter eggs like all the other kids. Just gives them that little bit extra ability to be able to locate the eggs utilizing the beeping Easter egg," Sergeant Jarrett Seal explained.

WATCH ATF Making Beeping Easter Eggs For The Visually Impaired:

The hunt will take place in Walsingham Park in Seminole, Florida this Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

"As a teacher for the visually impaired, that is our main goal. Is that anything that a static child participates in, we want our kids to participate in because they deserve this, all kids deserve that," Kristen Mongelluzzi, a teacher with Lighthouse Pinella, told the local news station.

The kids will also be able to take some eggs home with them.

"This year [they're] all going to take home a bag of Easter eggs donated by the bomb squad and now they can do it whenever they want to, and they can go to grandma's house and have an egg hunt or they can go to the community egg hunt and have one there," said Mongelluzzi.