Deliciously cute.
Taco Smash
Credit: Julia Marie Photography

An ordinary cake smash simply wouldn't do for Delta Phillips' first birthday. Delta's mom Monica says the little lady has never been a fan of sweets—like the rest of her family, she's more of a taco girl.

"I didn't think cake would go over as well because she just picks at it and takes a couple bites and has no interest," Monica told Today. "I decided to do a different food that would be fun for her and that she enjoys."

So for her first birthday, her parents dressed her in a custom tutu and presented her with a pile of fast food tacos. Thrilled, Delta immediately went to work on them like only a hungry baby could. The best part? Photographer Julia Aiello was on hand to document every delicious bite.

"She just kept looking up at us and laughing, then would start eating again and give us a cheesy grin," Monica recalls. "She couldn't believe we were letting her make such a mess."

Taco Bell is a favorite treat of Monica her husband Tim and their other two daughters. In fact, Monica and Tim began dating after they ate lunch together at the restaurant, and the couple tells Today that they were in the drive-thru picking up food when Monica's water broke when she was pregnant with their middle daughter.

"Some families like to go out and get ice cream for a treat, but our family likes to go get Taco Bell," Monica says.

For Aiello, the shoot was a breeze. While some babies need a little encouragement digging into their cake, she says, Delta knew exactly what to do with her mound of tacos.

First Birthday Taco Smash
Credit: Julia Marie Photography

"She didn't need any help at all," Aiello, owner of Julia Marie Photography says. "She dug right in, put one in each hand and went to town."

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When Aiello shared a few shots on Facebook, it didn't take long for the taco-loving tyke to catch the eye of the bigwigs at Taco Bell. Phillips said the company is sending her a gift and offered to cater Delta's second birthday.

Despite all the attention she's getting, her parents assure Today that the fame isn't going to Delta's head.