Even meat eaters are going to find these options crave-worthy.
Taco Bell
Credit: lawcain/Getty Images

In recent years, it's become increasingly easy to be a vegetarian or a vegan grabbing a fast food meal.

Now, Taco Bell is taking steps to up the game for its veggie-centric diners by testing a new vegetarian menu at its Dallas outposts, per Business Insider. "The menu will feature two new items — the Vegetarian Crunchwrap Supreme and the Vegetarian Quesarito, both of which are packed with black beans — and the 7-Layer Burrito," writes Madeline Stone in the piece.

"Our goal is to find ways to incorporate more plant-forward options in the future without sacrificing the big, bold flavors and value," Missy Schaaphok, manager of global nutrition and sustainability at Taco Bell, told Business Insider. "Our new in-store vegetarian menu being tested in Dallas reflects the same uniquely Taco Bell standards our existing customers know and love, while appealing to other consumers looking to try new food items that appeal to their dietary lifestyle."

Even if you're not in the Dallas area to test-drive these new finds, the popular Mexican fast food chain has plenty of vegetarian-friendly options from cheese quesadillas to bean burritos, though these items are not currently listed in their own standalone vegetarian menu (see all the current vegetarian offerings on Taco Bell's website here).

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Even if you have no plans of going totally vegetarian or vegan, incorporating more of this ethos into your diet is likely a boon for your waistline — and health. Plant-based diets have been linked to improved heart health and reduced cancer risk. Not sure where to start? Consider Meatless Monday, where you forgo meat once a week. Taco Bell Mondays sound pretty good to us.