You're going to want to get this extra special sauce while it's hot—literally!

By Meghan Overdeep
April 24, 2018
McIlhenny Company

McIlhenny Company, the Louisiana-based company behind Tabasco, is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the iconic hot sauce with a limited edition Diamond Reserve Sauce.

Bottled with gold foil and packed in a Champagne-inspired box, this extra-special, small-batch sauce is reportedly "made from a selection of the finest Tabasco peppers on Avery Island, chosen for their superior color, texture and robustness." If that isn't enough to get your taste buds in a tizzy, it's also aged for up to 15 years—opposed to the usual three—and mixed with sparkling wine vinegar, instead of the plain kind traditionally used in the age-old recipe. "The resulting pepper sauce has exceptional complexity, while maintaining the signature flavor and vibrancy for which Tabasco Sauce is celebrated," the brand's website reads.

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"My family and all of us at McIlhenny Company are truly humbled by the love we've seen for Tabasco Sauce that has brought us to this incredible anniversary," Anthony A. Simmons, president & CEO of McIlhenny Company and fifth-generation McIlhenny family member, said in a press release. "I don't know if my great-great-grandfather ever dreamed that his backyard start-up would have given rise to an entirely new food category. One hundred and fifty years later, I'm certain he'd be pleased to have brought so much great tasting food to so many people in so many places all around the world. It's exciting to imagine where Tabasco Sauce will go and how it will be used over the next 150 years."

This celebratory version of the Southern staple comes in 6oz bottles and is available online for $35 a piece.