From mowing the lawn to helping sell houses, this T-rex does it all.

By Meghan Overdeep
August 01, 2018

A two-bedroom, one-bath waterfront house in Granbury, Texas, is taking the internet by storm.

Though undeniably charming, few would consider this fully-furnished 796-square-foot home a show stopper. But thanks to a little creativity on the part of its listing agent, the $89,000 residence is certainly dino-mite.

Realtor Casey Lewis told KTRK that he decided to spice up the listing by having someone in an inflatable T-rex costume walk around the home doing various activities. Scrolling through, a hilariously out of place Tyrannosaurus rex can be seen mowing the lawn, cooking, lounging on a bed, taking a shower and even fishing in the Brazos River.

Lewis told the station that the listing has been viewed more than 10 million times from across the world. And now, with a sale on the house pending, it seems like pulling the beloved theropod out of extinction certainly did the trick.