McAlister's Deli Debuts a New Ice Cream Flavored Like Their Famous Sweet Tea

Get a pint while supplies last.

Southern tea comes in two flavors: sweet and sweeter. And now, it comes in an ice cream variety.

McAlister's Deli, which was founded in Oxford, Miss. in 1989 and is today headquartered in Atlanta, unveiled a new sweet tea-flavored ice cream collaboration with Chef Liz Rogers and her premium ice cream brand, Creamalicious. The deli prides itself on a signature sweet tea that brings customers back for cup after cup. Rogers and Creamalicious have a knack for taking decidedly Southern sweets and turning them into decadent ice cream experiences. So really, these two were meant to be friends.

The new McAlister's Deli Famous Sweet Tea Ice Cream features an ice cream base with a hint of black tea flavor. That's sweetened with finely ground sugar cookie and lemon swirls. Each bite is like sipping directly from a glass of refreshing sweet tea on the hottest summer days.

The ice cream will be sold in pints beginning June 10. The pints will be available in McAlister's Deli's 500+ locations nationwide. You can also order pints for delivery through the Creamlicious web site starting June 10. Each pint will sell for $7.99.

McAlisters Deli Sweet Tea Ice Cream Sweet Tea Product Shot with Ingredients
Courtesy of McAlister's Deli and Creamalicious

"With Creamalicious being known for transforming blissful Southern recipes into ice cream, we knew they were the perfect partner to collaborate on a unique confection out of our Famous Sweet Tea," said Courtney Bufford, executive chef at McAlister's Deli, in a statement.

The new ice cream flavor may not be made from your grandmother's sweet tea recipe, but it's a delicious double for even the sweetest Southern sippers.

"Creamalicious was born out of honoring traditional dessert recipes passed down for generations and churned to take people deep into the heart of the South where ice cream means connecting with loved ones over a spoonful of goodness," said Rogers in a statement. "McAlister's Deli captures the essence of genuine hospitality, so we're excited our Sweet Tea Ice Cream will be an extension of the authentic nature both brands embody."

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