Season 2 of 'Sweet Magnolias' is Officially Happening!

Bring on the margarita nights!

Pour it out for Maddie, Helen, and Dana Sue! Netflix’s Sweet Magnolias has been renewed for a second season, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The show, which is based on the books of the same name by Sherryl Woods, is a tale of friendship, family, and romance set in the fictional South Carolina town of Serenity. The feel-good series centers around three best friends, Maddie (JoAnna Garcia Swisher), Dana Sue (Brooke Elliott), and Helen (Heather Headley) as they navigate life, love, and business in their charming small town with a little help from a long-standing margarita night.

Sweet Magnolias Netflix

“It's a dream come true," showrunner and executive producer Sheryl Anderson told Glamour. “I'm thrilled and excited to come back with a cast and a crew that I love so much. It’s such a valentine to everybody who worked so hard to make Serenity such a beautiful place. JoAnna, Brooke, and Heather and I were jumping up and down while texting each other, and we look forward to doing that over Zoom too."

As for what to expect in the show’s sophomore season, details remain closely guarded. Speaking with Southern Living, Swisher revealed that not even she knows what happens!

“I’ve been trying to get answers,” she admitted back in June. “I called Sherryl [Woods] and told her ‘you better not put two of my kids in that car!’”

But that doesn’t mean that Swisher doesn’t have an idea of what she’d like to see unfold in Serenity. In an interview with Good Housekeeping, Swisher shared her desire for season two to take a closer look at Helen and Erik's relationship—"their chemistry is beyond," she said—as well as to reveal more about Ronnie and Dana Sue's history.

Above all, however, Swisher said she would like to see Maddie's relationship with Noreen unpacked further. "I feel like there's something there, especially knowing that she had such an impact on my middle son (Kyle). As a mom, there's no way to not address that," she explained.

Stay tuned for more info!

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