Say hello to the Serenity crew.
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In case you missed it, Sweet Magnolias is a new Netflix series set in the South that teleports viewers to the fictional town of Serenity. Chronicling the lives of three best friends who call themselves the "Sweet Magnolias," the show is based on author Sherryl Woods' Sweet Magnolias book series, which contains beloved titles like Stealing Home, A Slice of Heaven, Honeysuckle Summer, and more in the 11 book collection. With captivating characters and plot lines, you'll likely speed through the Netflix series in a few sittings. (Okay, two sittings.)

As for those of us that have already watched season one of the Netflix show, what's on deck? Listening to the Sweet Magnolias audiobook series for free, y'all. Thanks to hoopla digital, a service that partners with libraries across North America to provide online and mobile access, you can dive even deeper into the Serenity-verse. To sign up for the free service, you just need a library card. In addition to the Sweet Magnolias audiobooks collection, hoopla's platform also has the eBook editions of Sweet Magnolias and Woods’ Charleston Trilogy in both eBook and audiobook format. Power walking around your neighborhood or enjoying an evening bubble bath just got a serious upgrade, friends. For those of you who prefer to own your audiobooks so you can download them without an expiration date or limits on the amount of monthly content you can borrow, the Sweet Magnolias audiobook series is also available for purchase everywhere audiobooks are sold, such as on Audible and Scribd.

Ready for a taste of the Sweet Magnolias audiobook experience? Listen to some clips from the audiobooks below to whet your appetite here.

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We don't know about you, but on our end, it's safe to say it's going to be a very Serenity-filled summer. Who's raising a margarita to that with us?