Sweet Feeders Geometric Window Hummingbird Feeder is Perfect for Birdwatching at Home

Snag it now for $28 on Etsy.

Sweet Feeders Geometric Window Hummingbird Feeder
Photo: Etsy

Summer is here and hummingbird-watching is in full swing. The beautiful creatures are oh-so-riveting to watch, and as we all spend more time at home during the coronavirus outbreak, it's no surprise that many of us are looking to up our bird feeder game. (Or, you know, take on bird-feeding as a verifiable hobby during all the downtime.)

That's why we were oohing and ahhing over this $28 geometric window feeder from SweetFeeders on Etsy. Made with copper, class, and rubber, the minimalist feeder looks like it was made with Joanna Gaines' magic design wand and has arrived straight out of a home reveal on Fixer Upper. We also love how functional the feeder is, as it attaches directly to your window with suction cups that let you watch hummingbirds up-close-and-personal from inside your home. If you really want to get fancy, you can combine more than one geometric feeder to create an attractive grid design on your home's exterior.

Need more convincing? Products review site BestProducts.com sung its praises in a roundup of hummingbird feeders. "This handmade piece is made of shaped copper wire that holds two bottles of nectar at the ready for your visitors. Reviewers adore how it looks, they love that bugs and other animals can't get into it. And even better, it effectively attracts hummingbirds," writes the article's author Melanie Yates. Additionally, we must admit that we love how easy this feeder is to clean, with handy twist-and-pull caps and glass bottles that are a cinch to wash.

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If you love hummingbirds, in addition to splurging on a chic new feeder, we also recommend you brush up on the six things true hummingbird lovers know. Number seven may very well be these fearless birds are the stunning dose of nature we all need right now—here's to giving them the sustenance they need to continue delighting us all.

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