Yes, this includes saying "have a good weekend!"

Sure, online grocery shopping is convenient and affordable but we doubt there will be a day where we don't head to the supermarket on a regular basis.

As a Southern lady or gentleman, we're sure you're already acing grocery store etiquette when it comes to perusing the aisles, but may you be inadvertently driving grocery store staff crazy? Below, five pet peeves grocery store employees can't stand.

1. Asking your cashier for free items when something doesn't ring up properly.

We assure you, just because the scanner temporarily isn't registering something, doesn't mean the cashier can give it away to you for free. They've also likely already heard this plea a hundred times — this month.

2. Leaving your manners at the door.

Don't forget to cap off all of your interactions with grocery store employees with a sincere offer of gratitude and a smile. As all Southerners know, it'll brighten your mood when you're polite, too.

3. But saying "have a great weekend!" is a no-no.

We know your intentions mean well, but per a Reddit thread, you may want to skip this plesantry. As we all know, grocery stores are open on weekends, and the employee you're interacting with may be picking up several shifts on Saturday and Sunday. Instead, close with "have a great day" or "thank you again for your help."

4. Trying to pass through the express lane with more than 10 items.

Or more than five items. Or more than however many items very clearly specified in the signage. Don't do it!

5. Deciding you don't want an item and tossing it randomly in the store somewhere.

If you realize you could do without that box of crackers or square of cheese, don't put it on a shelf where it doesn't belong. It creates more work for employees and the item may be perishable. Either put it back where it belongs, or give it to your cashier when you check out — he or she can make sure it gets put back in the right place.