Add this to your suitcase before you forget.
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Person Packing a Suitcase
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Whether you're packing for a beach vacation or a cruise, there's one thing you should always pack that you're probably overlooking: A laundry bag.

"Living out of a suitcase doesn't have to be awful. Keep your soiled clothes separate from your fresh clothes by keeping the former in a laundry bag. That way, your clean clothes will stay clean," as Rachel Tepper Paley writes in an article on

A mesh bag — like this one on Amazon for $5.99 — takes up little room for the outbond trip, and as long as you fold up your dirty clothes before placing in the bag, easily fits in your luggage on the way home.

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While traveling, keep the dirty laundry bag in the closet or a drawer so your dirty garments don't imbue your clean frocks with funky odors. If you're feeling really fancy, you may want to consider a sock washing bag ($7.99) for separating your undergarments.

Now that you've plopped a mesh aundry bag in your carry-on (right? right!) for safe-keeping, time to get back to more fun vacation planning items, like deciding which of the South's best hotels and inns to book your stay.