Girl power!

Have you ever wondered why dogs always seem to gravitate to the lady of the house? Well, according to researchers in Hungary, it's because women are simply more "fluent" in dog than men.

Sorry fellas!

The results of the experiment, which were published in the journal Royal Society of Open Science in 2017, suggest that women are simply better at understanding dogs than men. And as a result, dogs are often more obedient to women.

The study involved playing recordings of dog growls captured in a number of different scenarios — guarding food, playing tug of war, or feeling threatened by a stranger—for 40 people and asking them to identify the context of each growl.

Most were good at associating the growls with the correct emotion, but two types of subjects—women and participants with dog experience—consistently scored higher.

Why? Researchers theorized that it has to do with the "higher sensitivity of women to emotional stimuli."

"Female participants seem to have an advantage in the recognition of the context, in contrast with the lack of gender-effect on the emotion ratings," the report states. "It is known that women have a higher emotional sensitivity and probably this higher sensitivity can help to differentiate better the context of the growls…"