A group of five young men sprang into action to make the man's wish come true.
Elderly Man Body Board
Credit: David Trood/Getty Images

Ryan Giancola and his friends were enjoying a beach vacation in Duck, North Carolina, last week when an elderly woman approached them with a unique request.

In a now-viral tweet (below), Giancola explained how a woman they'd never seen before asked them to help her fulfill her ailing husband's wish to "ride a wave one last time."

"She said that he is suffering from dementia and most likely has a year to live," he recalled.

All five young men sprang into action—happy to make the stranger's wish come true.

Giancola shared a video of the friends assisting the older gentleman as he body-surfed one last time. The men were on hand to make sure he stayed safely on the board and helped him up out of the water when the emotional ride came to an end.

"What an amazing experience and on my birthday none the less!" Giancola concluded.

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An amazing experience indeed. Well done y'all!