"Cinderella shouldn't have to pump her own gas!"

Gas Station Cinderella
Credit: Facebook/Carolina Charm Photography

Devin Bennett's long-awaited first prom wasn't going entirely to plan.

"I had a date but he kind of ditched me," Bennett, 17, recalled to KGW8.

Determined not to miss out, the Winston-Salem teen decided to go with her friends to her prom on April 13.

But on her way to take photos, with her mother and aunt following behind in their own car, the North Carolina teen realized she was out of gas. Dressed in her glittery blue gown, Bennett pulled into a local Sheetz gas station to fill up. As she inserted her credit card into the pump, she told Yahoo Lifestyle that she was surprised to hear a woman say, "No way—Cinderella shouldn't have to pump her own gas."

She was even more surprised when the woman took over pumping for her.

As Bennett and the stranger chatted away at the pump, Bennett's aunt, Gena Sykes Turpin of Carolina Charm Photography, was busy documenting the sweet scene.

Cinderella Gas Station Shock
Credit: Facebook/Carolina Charm Photography

Weeks later, with the prom in their rearview mirror, Bennett and her mom shared the photos of the encounter on a neighborhood Facebook group in an effort to find and thank the good Samaritan.

"I just wanted to say thank you to this sweet lady. I don't know who she is, but on the day of my daughter's prom, this sweet lady was having none of letting Devin pump her own gas in her prom dress," mom Nikki wrote. "If you know who she is, please pass on our thanks!"

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An hour later they had a name: Sherry Allgood.

Allgood later recalled the now-viral scene to Yahoo Lifestyle. "Here she was with beautiful hair and makeup. I didn't want her getting messed up. Anyone in this community would have done the same," she noted. "Those prom dresses are expensive!"

Now if that doesn't make her a fairy godmother, we don't know what does!

But the heartwarming story doesn't end there. When executives at Sheetz got wind of the sweet tale, they gifted Allgood and Bennett (both loyal customers) each a gift card for $2,500.

And Bennett plans to pay Allgood's good deed forward. "Her daughter is going to prom soon, and I promised to pump her gas," she told Yahoo.