"Anything you do in life, you do from the heart—that's why I'm so happy."
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Credit: WCIV

Henry Middleton is a bit of a local celebrity in Charleston. The 69-year-old, known in the community as "Happy Henry," became a national phenomenon after a video of him dancing and cheering for runners participating in the Cooper River Bridge Run went viral last year.

But Happy Henry hasn't always been so full of joy. As he explained to WCIV, everything changed one night was he was 19. He had a breakthrough that changed his life forever, and he's been happy ever since.

"It was a choice for me. I said 'Lord I can't take this no more, help me!' I poured the beer down the drain and never drank again, smoked cigarettes, no, bit my fingers until they bleed, that's how nervous I was," he explained to the local news station. "No more of these things, just the love of Jesus and a Momma's love, that's what I was missing all the time."

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Middleton is the captain of the bellmen at the Hampton Inn in Charleston's historic district. His coworkers told WCIV that his happiness is addictive and that he's the one responsible for the pop-up dance parties in the hallways of the Hampton Inn.

"Anything you do in life, you do from the heart—that's why I'm so happy," Middleton added. We think those are some mighty fine words to live by, sir.

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