All the swoons.

By Meghan Overdeep
November 13, 2017
Credit: Derek Schwendeman/Reddit

Last year Derek Schwendeman of Newark, Delaware, took to Reddit with a decades-old photo of his grandfather taken right before he was deployed to Korea. Users were quick to comment on his appearance. The internet agreed: Thomas Schwendeman was one handsome grandpa.

Buoyed by his incredible bone structure and impossibly white teeth, the black-and-white photo from 1952 quickly went viral. Inevitably, Buzzfeed was inspired to reach out to Derek for more information on his hunky grandfather.

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What they found has us swooning even more than the photo. Thomas has been happily married to his wife Fleecie for 67 years. The lovebirds met in a bowling alley. Thomas, who is now 86, lives in Pennsylvania and is happy to report that he's still very much in love. Derek says his grandpa stays active with his grandma and they still enjoy bowling together.

Derek also told Buzzfeed that his grandmother told him that because they married young, Thomas didn't have a chance to "sow his wild oats." She added that "women fussed over him all of the time, but she got him first."

How cute is that?