Stream Opera, Classical Music, and Ballet with a Free One-Month Trial to Stingray Classica

How's an afternoon La Traviata break sound?

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As we weather the storm and remain at home amidst the coronavirus crisis, online entertainment has been a true salvation. But there are only so many feel-good movies and shows we can stream and Golden Girls episodes we can rewatch. Indeed, even the most dedicated of Blanche, Sophia, Rose, and Dorothy devotees among us need a break.

Like us, perhaps you've recently been craving some more cultured experiences? Well, we just found out about Canada's Stingray Classica, that shares performances of classical music, opera, ballet, jazz, and we can't wait to register. Best of all, as we learned from Apartment Therapy, you can now get a free month trial to the premium service. To activate your trial, visit and enter the code "freeview."

In addition to Stringray Classica, parent company Stingray is giving away free access to two of its other services, Stingray Karaoke, which has 50,000+ karaoke song options for its users, and Stingray Qello, a platform for multi-genre concert performances. “Over the past few weeks, we have witnessed heartwarming acts of solidarity and kindness. It was a given that Stingray had to do its part for those whose routines are disrupted by being thrown into close quarters for weeks, especially families with young children,” said Eric Boyko, President, Co-founder, and CEO of Stingray, in a company press release. “One only has to witness Italians singing in solidarity from their balconies to understand the healing power of music. By offering the Stingray Karaoke, Stingray Qello, and Stingray Classica apps free for the next month, we want to give individuals and families under lockdown moments of joy and levity in these times of anxiety.”

On Stingray Classica, expect amazing offerings like Verdi’s La Traviata from the Teatro Real Madrid, Handel at Chambord Castle in France, and dance and ballet premieres on Thursday throughout the month of May.

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Who's excited for a night at the opera? Or shall we head to the ballet first? Either way, don your finest jewels, maybe wash your hair, and enjoy the show.

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