Quarantine Conundrum? Send This Chef a Photo of Your Pantry and She Will Tell You What Meal to Make

Dinner is saved!

Kitchen Pantry
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Stuck at home with a full pantry and no idea what to make for dinner? New York City-based caterer and tabletop designer Stephanie Nass wants to help.

"Is this what your kitchen looks like? A 'random' smattering of ingredients?" Nass asked on Instagram. "Don't fret or make an unnecessary trip to the grocery store; #STAYHOME and send pictures of what you have. We'll compose a meal based on that."

That's right y'all. Simply send a photo of your pantry or fridge to Nass via Instagram direct message, and she'll tell you what to cook.

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Nass told PureWow that she was inspired by a quarantined friend who was having trouble figuring out what to make with the ingredients she has on hand.

"Realizing that other millennials would have similar challenges, I figured that I could use my culinary knowledge and my social platforms to help more people avoid unnecessary trips to the grocery store and even bring some joy in this bleak time," Nass explained, adding that she's already seen more pantries, fridges, and cupboards than she ever could have imagined.

"I'm proposing recipes to faraway followers but also answering questions like 'How much cream should I add for the amount of X I have?' 'What do I do if I don't have Y ingredient?' or 'Is this cooked enough?'" she told PureWow. "People are grateful for the help and excited to cook."

Thanks, Stephanie!

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