So sweet!
Florida Nurse Hugs Through Vaccinations
Credit: Tiffany Shelby Marshall/Facebook

Like many young children, Tiffany Marshall's grandson, Dimitri, is afraid of shots. At least he was...

Dimitri's view of shots was likely changed forever after a recent run in with an especially kind and creative nurse at a doctor's office in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Marshall filmed the heart-warming interaction between her grandson and the unnamed nurse and shared it on Facebook. In just a week, the video has raked in more than 24 million views and 395,000 shares.

In the now-viral clip, Dimitri explains how his grandmother promised him $5 for not crying. Sensing his anxiety, the nurse tells him she's going to do a magic trick. After drawing his blood with a quick prick of his finger, she instructs him to "paint" circles on a card. Distracted by the nurse's "magic" and the unlikely art project, Dimitri exclaims how excited he is that he didn't cry.

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When it came time for Dimitri's three scary shots, the nurse pulled him in for a hug and told him to show her his muscles, all while assuring him what a "strong," "big boy" he is. Though he screamed a bit, to his shock, Dimitri did not cry. For his reward, the nurse handed him a $5 bill from Marshall. Smiling, Dimitri celebrated with an adorable little dance.

"This nurse was absolutely phenomenal!" Marshall captioned the now-viral Facebook video.

You can say that again!