Next time you need to fill the tank, you can also help a great cause.

The next time you go to fill up the tank, you may be able to pay for your gas and pay it forward, as well. "The Giving Pump" is a new program at participating Shell station that gives kind-hearted consumers the chance to support local charities all while refueling.

From August 4 and running through Sept. 30, people filling up can look for "The Giving Pump" at participating stations. When you pull into the Shell station, the pumps should be easily recognizable because they are marked with colorful signs to point customers to the proper pump. Then simply pump your gas and you'll be helping make a change in your community, because proceeds from those pumps go to a range of children's-focused nonprofits, including schools, literacy programs, hospitals, youth food pantries, CASA programs, and more as part of Shell's Force For Good initiative.

"Shell is excited to help local communities all over the U.S. with this initiative and we encourage our customers to choose 'The Giving Pump' on their next fill up to help us fuel the future of your local community," Shannon Bryan, Manager of Brand and Communications for Shell Retail U.S. said in a statement about the charitable program.

One of those special Giving Pumps can be found at the Corner Express gas stations in Houston and owner Brad Rees is thrilled to be part of the program. He told the Houston Herald, "Please look for this pump for the next two months and let's help the kids." You can find participating locations at What a great way to fuel up and help others. Make sure to make this your road trip pit stop this summer.