Old School Squash Casserole
Credit: Greg DuPree

The August 2017 issue of Southern Living included a recipe for an Old-School Squash Casserole that paired yellow squash with a creamy sauce topped with a butter-filled crunchy topping. It's a stand-out recipe, perhaps a little too stand out.

We got a letter from a reader who spotted the recipe in her copy of the magazine and decided it was the perfect thing to bring to her church potluck. Turns out not one, but two other women had the exact same thought. "I recently made the squash casserole from your August Issue of Southern Living for a luncheon at my church," wrote Peggy Sherman from Tampa, Florida. "The recipe really seemed tasty and not like so many I have used. What really caught my attention was idea of crackers on top to add the crunch, and the Swiss cheese for a different flavor."

Sherman whipped up a batch and brought it with her to the potluck. "On the way to the luncheon, I asked my friend Helen what she had brought for the luncheon she told me ‘The squash casserole from the August 2017 Southern Living magazine.' I told her that there would be two!" Sherman continued. "When we got there, we decided to do a taste test and see how they compared."

However, when they got to the luncheon, they got another surprise: "During the luncheon, Helen sat near Connie who had also brought the same casserole," wrote Sherman. "Can you believe Helen, Connie and I all brought the SAME squash casserole from Southern Living to our Lake Carroll Baptist Church potluck luncheon?"

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Luckily for the women (and Southern Living), the casserole was a success. "We almost ran out!" wrote Sherman, who admitted to having three helpings so she could try all three versions. "All three were very good and a big hit."

The unplanned taste test was so much fun, that Sherman writes that she "can't wait for the next potluck to see if we have the same thing happen!" May we suggest the corn pudding?