The line also includes kitchen and bathroom essentials.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
August 23, 2018
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bizoo_n/Getty Images

You can stream your favorite TV shows or listen to your most beloved tunes. Or it could be your one-stop-shop for picking up birthday gifts and back-to-school supplies. It's also a place where home decor and household must-haves are just a click away. When doesn't Amazon have you covered?

Well, there's a new reason to add Amazon to your short list for grocery shopping, thanks to the addition of amazing products from the company's wallet-friendly private label, Solimo. In addition to everyday items like foaming soap refills and mouth wash, Solimo also has you covered in the kitchen pantry department.

As food website The Kitchn recently pointed out, "From cheese crackers to trash bags, Solimo has everything you'd normally buy at the grocery store — but for less. One hundred instant coffee pods for $34? That's a lot cheaper that your morning Starbucks run."

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How about a meal of Solimo Macaroni and Cheese ($4.99 for six 7.25-ounce boxes)? Or grabbing a few boxes of crackers for your next party ($1.92 per box)? Ready to stock up on 20 packets of tasty maple and brown sugar oatmeal ($4.62)?

The list goes on and on. You could easily spend the whole afternoon perusing Solimo's offerings and, well, forgetting your grocery shopping.