Get those tissues ready.
Soldier Homecoming
Credit: Facebook/Bear Moose & Fox Fine Art Photography

After a 250-day deployment, Trinity Campos expected her reunion with her husband Bryan to be emotional—particularly for their three-year-old daughter, Aria. But she never predicted it would touch as many people as it did.

"I never in a million years thought this would ever happen. I never thought that something so simple or something so private to us would just become this big, known thing that everyone talks about," Trinity told KXXV.

Two weeks after her husband returned from a nine-month deployment to Germany with 1st Cavalry Division's 1st Air Cavalry Brigade, Trinity posted a video of the family's heart-warming reunion on Facebook. Since then it has gotten raked in more than three million views.

Trinity, a professional photographer, spent the weeks leading up to Bryan's return crafting the moving four-minute video, which highlights Aria preparing for her dad's return. It ends with his goose-bump-inducing homecoming at Fort Hood in Texas.

Among the emotional visuals are shots of Aria carrying around her "daddy bear."

"While I was home, daddy bear was just a little teddy bear on the wall, but then when I left it became a little bit of security," Bryan told KXXV.

For almost 9 months, "daddy bear" never left her side.

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"The hardest thing about that was trying to explain to our daughter, who is 3-years-old, that I have to leave," Bryan said.

Now, the next time he leaves, Aria will also have the video. "It's her favorite video, she watches it every day," Trinity said.