Because this is truly the treat we deserve this year.
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As anyone shopping for Halloween candy knows, there are fun-sized bars and then there are really, really fun- sized bars a.k.a. full-sized Snickers and Goo Goo Clusters. Those are the candy bars that kids whisper about to other trick or treaters and remember fondly in years to come. Well, those full-sized bars have some serious competition this holiday season with Snickers and Kit Kats that clock in at over a pound—and after everything 2020 has dished out, we all need some super extra fun in our candy bars.

Reese's giant cups
Credit: Walmart

As folks stock up for the holidays, Sam’s Club is selling ginormous (technical term!) Reese’s cups, which Delish reports weigh a half-pound each, meaning the three-cup set on sale at Sam’s Club is one-and-a-half-pounds of peanut buttery chocolatey goodness. But wait, there’s more. Walmart is offering a 1lb Reese’ Santa! What else could you possibly want to find under the Christmas tree?

Hold that thought, because giant Reese’s aren’t the only oversized candy lurking in the grocery aisle. Now, Delish reports that the snack enthusiast Instagram account @Snackgator spotted a one-pound Snickers bar at their local Meijer. Also on hand were the gloriously giant Reese’s Cups, as well as a two-pound jumbo bag of Kit Kats all decked out in holiday splendor.

Sure friends may put in requests for your Peppermint Divinity, Pecan Toffee, or Homemade Turtles, but if you don’t have time or energy or both to whip up candy from scratch this holiday season, no one is going to complain if you hand them a honkin’ huge Snickers bar instead.

  Now, we just need someone to make a two-pound Moon Pie and we will be well prepared to survive the next pandemic.