Firefighters warn against these floppy pool toys.

By Meghan Overdeep
April 29, 2019

Pool noodles may seem innocuous, but as one family learned the hard way, these popular pool toys can hide life-threatening secrets.

Last summer, the City of Buckeye Fire Department in Arizona warned residents about the potential for snakes hiding out in pool noodles after a family found a bunch of rattlesnakes inside their bendy toys while going for a swim. Luckily, nobody was attacked by the snakes, but there were other young rattle snakes in the noodles.

The Buckeye Fire Department added that there have been reports of other types of snakes laying their eggs in the noodles, as well. Keep those eyes peeled: rattlesnakes and other species of poisonous slitherers can be found in every Southern state.

"During the summer, rattlesnakes will hide from the heat under any cover they can find, including but certainly not limited to pool toys," Emily Taylor, a biological sciences professor at California Polytechnic State University who has studied rattlesnakes for 20 years, told People. The venomous reptiles are routinely found hiding under shrubs, piles of debris, wood piles, and "anything else that people leave laying upon the ground," she continued.

Be careful out there y'all!