Need a New Quarantine Hobby? Smithsonian Associates Launches World Art History Certificate Program via Zoom

Study the great works of Matisse, Chagall, Degas, and more.

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We've played board games galore. Mastered the fine art of falling asleep on the couch reading. Done more biking in the past year than a professional cyclist (or so it seems). And yet, here we are once again: Back at square one, looking for a new quarantine hobby as the coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage our country.

That's why we were excited to stumble upon a press release from Smithsonian Associates—the world's largest museum-based education program—giving us inspiration for our new downtime endeavor: Indulging our inner art history buff through their World Art History Certificate Program, now offered online via Zoom for the first time. The popular certificate program—which was previously offered in-person on the National Mall—will educate and enlighten participants through an exploration of "the major creators, movements and historical periods that shaped art across civilizations and centuries." With the new streaming format allowing people to participate remotely, Smithsonian Associates has seen many people register from across the country, so let's boost their Southern constituency, readers.

To qualify for the certificate, participants select four core courses and six electives from Smithsonian Associates' courses, seminars, study tours, and studio art classes. Each of the above grants you a credit value of one point or one-half point upon completion and a total of 10 points is needed to complete the certificate program, with a $25 fee to register in the certificate program, on top of the cost of the individual courses.

Per the organization's press release, there's no shortage of superb classes to enroll in during the months and weeks ahead: "There are many opportunities designed for art lovers throughout the winter and early spring: Among the credit-carrying Smithsonian Associates Streaming offerings are programs on Degas, Matisse, Alphonse Mucha and Chagall; the arts of Islam; the contemporary art market; art nouveau; the muses who inspired the Impressionists; and a series of "Art-full Friday" excursions into the glories of Italian art and architecture led by an art historian live from Tuscany," the news bulletin reads, noting that participants can select the courses they're most interested in and complete the credit program at their own pace for a truly flexible, personalized approach to learning.

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On that note, we've got to give our art humanities classmate from college a buzz and see if she wants to survey the fine works of Henri Matisse with us. Or shall we Chagall?

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