Put your learning hat on.

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, classrooms have been replaced with Zoom rooms and museum visits with virtual tours. It's been a steep curve of adjustment for millions of young students and lifelong learners alike, but thanks to technology, there have been some incredible innovations in the realm of online learning.

Now, we're excited to learn of the creation of Smithsonian Associates Streaming. This summer and beyond, Smithsonian Associates, the world's largest museum-based educational program will bring their popular study tours to the virtual realm with live virtual tours led by a team of seasoned experts. The classes will be hosted on a Zoom-supported digital platform and include a closeup of the Barnes Collection in Philadelphia (August 20th); a walk through George Washington's Alexandria, Virginia (October 16th); a look at the history and design of Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater in Mill Run, Pennsylvania (September 13th); and the Sears houses of Arlington, Virginia (September 26th).  

Here's a bit more on what to expect from the company's official press release:

We're pretty sure that when the day comes that it's safe to congregate at events and parties once again, you'll have plenty of fascinating cocktail conversation to drop from information gleaned in these enlightening courses.

Prices for virtual tours are $40-55 for the general public and $30-45 for Smithsonian Associates members. For tickets and information, the public may visit smithsonianassociates.org/streaming. If you're interested in pursuing a Smithsonian World Art History Certificate, the Barnes Foundation and Fallingwater virtual tours also count as credit towards that certification.

Who's ready to put their learning hat on with us and dive in?